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"Non-surgical aesthetic procedures"

“Procedimientos estéticos no quirúrgicos”
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Plastic surgery is complemented with non-surgical cosmetic procedures to improve the results and appearance of the person's physique. Within these non-surgical treatments we have options such as:  fillers, Botox, peels and also with other equipment that serve to create facial rejuvenation without having to go to surgery. These procedures are indicated in patients who do not require surgery because they are not in an advanced degree of aging, however, they show incipient signs either in volume of the face, in skin texture, in wrinkles, so these treatments are oriented to provide a non-surgical solution to patients who are not yet ready to undergo surgery. These procedures are also done in patients who have undergone surgery, but we want to improve aspects that cannot be achieved with surgery, such as the quality of the skin, which improves with aesthetic procedures which complement the surgery that this procedure. patient has been performed.

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It is very important to take into account certain fundamental factors on which your life depends in many cases.

Aesthetics within Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, provides us with a wide variety of non-surgical procedures that with the development of new technologies are becoming more and more effective.

In recent times and with migratory movements at a global level, a number of people are observed who, without the minimum medical preparation, offer treatments with equipment that in some cases are highly complex, in this aspect we must take into account these factors , before going after a price:

  • What happens if the patient has a decompensation?

  • Is the patient suitable for this procedure?

  • What evaluation do you carry out on the patient and in what way?

  • Would you put your life in the hands of someone without proper medical knowledge?

Keep in mind when making a proposal:

  • Medical preparation accompanied by a suitability

  • Legal authorization to carry out certain treatments

Do not risk your life, the consequences in most cases are irreversible

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