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Welcome, you are in Facial Trauma Surgery
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Cirugía de Trama Facial,


Facial Trauma

The Plastic Surgeon is the most suitable medical staff for the treatment of facial trauma, since they are trained to treat different soft tissue wounds, as well as the repair of different fractures of the bones of the face. These treatments are carried out after accidents that produce injuries that can range from very simple to very complex, depending on the magnitude of the trauma received. Lesions are evaluated by facial radiographic tests, computed axial tomography and clinical evaluation that complements the final diagnosis of the patient.

In some cases, patients are left with sequelae after facial trauma, even after having been reconstructed, which require subsequent treatments that can range from simple scars revisions to the use of bone grafts to reconstitute affected bone contours.

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Doctor Luis Carlos Moreno, habla de cirugía de Trauma Faciál

Evolution in technology has made accidents the leading cause of death and facial trauma in America. A sudden change can cause us to suffer injuries that must be resolved taking into account the function and aesthetics of the facial structures. We currently have facial fracture fixation systems which have greatly reduced the recovery time of our patients and in turn have improved functional and aesthetic results.

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