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Cancer Surgery


There are different forms of skin cancer. Some less aggressive like Basal Cell Carcinoma and others extremely aggressive like Malignant Melanoma. These lesions are produced almost exclusively by prolonged exposure to the sun of the patient's skin, therefore they usually appear in the parts of the body that are exposed to the sun. But there are also lesions such as Malignant Melanoma, which have a family tendency and can occur in areas not exposed to the sun.

In the management of these injuries, the most important thing is early detection, since its early treatment can save the patient's life.

Doctor Luis Carlos Moreno, Cirugía para el Cáncer de Piel

In small cases, they can be treatments performed by your Plastic Surgeon but also by your Dermatologist. In the cases of larger lesions, or of greater malignancy, the treatment must be carried out by the Plastic Surgeon since he is the Ideal Specialist to perform the respective reconstruction in the same surgical time.


Some of these lesions, depending on the histological type and extension, may require chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments as the case may be. In these situations, the treatment becomes multidisciplinary, with the participation of the Medical Oncologist, Psychiatrists and other specialists as the case may be.


If you are a person with many spots or moles on your body or have relatives who have had malignant melanoma, proper medical control with your Dermatologist helps you prevent larger injuries that may even compromise your life.

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Cirugía Reconstructiva del Cáncer de Piel,Doctor Moreno

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