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Procedimientos para el Envejecimiento Faciál, por el Doctor Luis Carlos Moreno

Facial Aging Surgery

Aging is a natural process that involves morphological and functional changes in the different facial structures.

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Aging is a natural process that involves morphological and functional changes in the different facial structures. Facial aging is not only manifested by the flaccidity of the skin, subcutaneous and muscles, but also by the loss of volume caused by the loss of facial fat and by the structural changes of the skin itself, which loses collagen and becomes more wrinkled, and with a lack of turgor and tenderness.  


As time progresses, the supporting structures relax and the subcutaneous fat that gives volume to the cheekbones is descending, moving downwards. This is the reason why the nasolabial fold and marionette lines appear, or sagging of the cheeks and the malar depression or depression under the lower eyelids, making the orbital ridges and the bags of the upper eyelids evident. On the forehead, the drooping of the eyebrows and the appearance of furrows between the eyebrows and the upper part of the nose and forehead are part of the signs of aging. 

The neck  

In the neck, the flaccidity, wrinkles and the appearance of the anterior bands due to the flaccidity of the platysma muscle, denote aging

The permanent contraction of the facial muscles causes them to overdevelop, such as the muscles responsible for frowning or those that raise the eyebrows. This hypertrophy causes wrinkles on the forehead, those that appear next to the eyes or crow's feet and those that are located around the mouth.


Aging produces a reduction in bone mass. The slowing down of bone regeneration is responsible for the reduction in the volume of the facial bones that creates indentations, such as that which occurs under the rims of the eyes.

In addition to chronological aging, there are other factors that can accelerate the degradation of the structures of the face. These factors are:

  • Solar radiation.

  • Tobacco and alcohol.

  • Little water intake

  • Bad nutrition.



Solar radiation is the main culprit in photoaging or premature aging of the skin. UVA and UVB radiation, infrared and even visible light cause staining, affect fibroblasts or cells that generate collagen, and can indirectly damage cellular DNA.

Therefore, modern behavior in the treatment of facial aging not only seeks the treatment of flaccidity through variable surgical techniques, but also the restoration of volume, the treatment of the skin to regenerate a better collagen and make it more taut, with better texture  and the use of auxiliary treatments such as botulinum toxin or botox, laser, radiofrequency, which are treatments that will reinforce and improve the surgical treatment that we do to the patient.  We will see in each section the specific treatment of each area, forehead, face and neck.

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