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Welcome, you are in Ulceras Reconstruction
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Doctor Luis Carlos Moreno, reparación de Úlceras

Reconstruction of


The Plastic Surgeon is the ideal specialist for the reconstruction of any ulcer in any part of the body. There are ulcers due to trauma, due to diseases such as diabetes or arterial or venous vascular problems, pressure ulcers that occur in patients who are in bed for a long time, either due to being ill and disabled for ambulation, or in patients with paraplegia or Tetraplegia, that is, patients with neurological sequelae that lead them to spend the rest of their lives in bed or in wheelchairs.


The treatment of these lesions can vary from the use of skin autografts to the use of skin or myocutaneous flaps, pedunculated or by microsurgery. Concomitant technologies can be used in the treatment of these patients, such as the hyperbaric chamber.

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Stem cell therapy may be able to treat chronic wounds in diabetic patients. Diabetic patients have a reduced ability to heal wounds and there is a critical need to develop new treatments to improve healing, especially in patients with foot ulcers. The combination of stem cells with a hyperbaric chamber is a very valid option for the treatment of pressure ulcers.

The treatment that combines surgical cleaning of the lesion with the application of stem cells in the area to accelerate healing and the use of the hyperbaric chamber has become one of the solutions of today's medicine. 

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Recontructiva Ulceras
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Reconstrcción de Ulceras, por el Doctor Luis C. Moreno

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