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Lift de Mamas,por el Doctor Luis Carlos Moreno

Breast Lift, Mastopexy

Techniques Similar to Breast Reduction

It is Breast Lift or Mastopexy that is known consists of raising the breast to put it in a suitable position in the thorax, when a breast lift is performed, breast tissue is not generally resected unless there is a difference in the volumes of one with respect on the other, we simply remove the skin and elevate the breast so that it is in a suitable position on the thorax.

The techniques that can be used for a mastopexy are very similar to breast reduction techniques, that is, they can be with perialorial receptions or they can be with vertical receptions, or with inverted T receptions, everything will depend on the amount of excess skin That the patient has, we cannot give all patients a perialolar technique, because we could create an ugly shaped breast, a bad suspension and then it does not give an adequate aesthetic result.

That is why the prior evaluation to be able to choose the technique. In mactopecsia, as in breast reductions, the wounds are made as  explained in 3 ways:

  • Periareolar

  • Vertical

  • Inverted T


It is an important concept to know; when we speak of a mactotecsia is that the position of the breast in the thorax  It is only dependent on the skin, on the skin quality of that patient, so a skin that is full of stretch marks that is inelastic will not have the same degree of suspension from a breast as a firm skin with good elasticity.

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For the  that the aesthetic result to be obtained will depend on the quality of the patient's skin and that is very important for the patient to know.


Many patients arrive saying, but put an implant on me, because the implant does not allow the breast to fall out and that is not true, the breast remains in its position according to the quality of the patient's skin, implant is not valid here, it is not valid nothing else is the skin.  That is why when the breast falls it is because it has a lot of excess skin.

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