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Doctor Luis Carlos Moreno, Cirugía Estética

Body Procedures

The cosmetic surgery of the body contour is intended to restore the beauty and shape of the body of the person ...

The purpose of cosmetic body contouring surgery is to restore the beauty and shape of the person's body and when we talk about the person's body we are referring to their abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, legs, arms, everything that focuses on the aspect torso and limbs of the person, so each body part has its very specific treatments.

The appearance of the skin and the accumulation of fat in the human body are the signs that make visible the passage of time.

The  loss of firmness  that occurs over the years due to the alteration of elastin and collagen and hormonal and weight changes, mainly in women, make you lose the smooth, firm and youthful appearance.

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Doctor Luis Carlos Moreno, Cirugía Estética

As a result, signs such as  flaccidity and excess fat  in certain areas that cosmetic surgery beats more and more easily.

There are many treatments that allow  anyone find a solution  for the problem you suffer regardless of what it is.

It is no longer just a woman's problem, but  more and more men  those who consult to correct the parts of their anatomy with which they are not happy.

Once we know the origin of the problem, it is easy to prevent it or solve the existing one.

The best surgery is the one that best prepares before and takes care of after

In addition to body surgery, we have the best aesthetic medicine treatments such as cavitation, mesotherapy and radiofrequency, among others, to enhance the results of body surgery and achieve an even more spectacular effect, eliminating cellulite or improving flaccidity.

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