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Lift  Thighs

It consists of lifting the cutaneous and subcutaneous tissues of the thigh, both in its internal aspect and in its entire circumference. 

The thigh lift consists of lifting the cutaneous and subcutaneous tissues of the thigh, both in its internal aspect and in its entire circumference.  


Skin excess on the inner thighs is very common, especially in overweight or obese people, who later lose weight and are left with an accumulation of fat on the inner part along with excess skin of the inner face.  It can also be seen in people who may be thin but who, due to family genetic circumstances, have excess skin and often accumulate fat on the inner aspect of the thighs.

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Flaccidity around the thigh and buttocks is common in people who lose large amounts of weight or who have undergone bariatric surgery due to obesity and have lost a lot of weight, leaving a flaccidity as a consequence.  and fall with marked cellulite of the thighs and buttocks.

The lift of the inner thigh consists of the skin and subcutaneous resection in the entire inner aspect of the thigh, leaving the wound located in the groin groin, and in the subgluteal groove. It is almost always associated with liposuction of the fatty tissue of the inner thigh. This surgery requires a brief hospitalization, rest and disability of at least 2 weeks, and in the care, special attention must be paid to the proper cleaning of the wounds and the way of sitting to avoid infections or the wounds to open ( dehiscences). The resulting scar, although visible,  it is usually good and is hidden in the inguinal, ischial and subgluteal groove, being disguised.

The lift of the entire contour of the thigh and the buttocks is performed through an incision that is located extended from the inguinal area, runs through the hips area and ends up surrounding the superior aspect of the buttocks joining in the mid-intergluteal line .


This, known as the posterior contour body lift, leaves a circumferential scar that is usually designed to be located in the area where the patient wears their underwear, so that when wearing a bathing suit, it is hidden By himself. It is a surgery that requires a hospital stay of at least 2 days, drains are left that are usually removed a week, and the resulting disability is 2 weeks for the  or the patient can resume her usual tasks. Physical exercises are limited until the month after surgery.  

These thigh lift procedures return the shape and transform a more aesthetic and beautiful thigh for the patient.

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