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Facial Reconstruction with Fat Lipoinjection

Lipoinjection refers to the injection of fat obtained from a person to be used in that same person in order to give volume or shape to any part of the body.

Lipoinjection has proven to be a very useful procedure for body reshaping, and it is the most widely used procedure in the world to increase volume without the use of implants or other attachments.

The procedure requires obtaining fat from the patient, usually from the abdomen, hips, waist or thighs, and after being prepared by a decantation process, it is injected with fine cannulas in the form of tunnels in the subcutaneous tissue or within the muscle. depending on the area to be treated. Obtaining fat is done through the liposuction procedure either with conventional equipment or with internal ultrasound equipment.

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The only drawback of lipoinjection is that not everything that is injected will turn on or remain permanently, but part of it will degrade and be reabsorbed by the body.  The decomposition of the fatty tissue that does not turn on, will produce in addition to the liquefaction of the fatty tissue,  the production of stem cells, which are cells that can give rise to another type of tissue through processes of cell differentiation. To ask for a date

Lipoinjection is the most widely used procedure and the only one approved and recognized to give volume to the buttocks, without having to use buttock implants. The buttocks are probably the only part of the body that accepts being able to inject large volumes of fat, having a fairly high percentage of attachment compared to other parts of the body.

Lipoinjection is used to give volume to the face, when due to aging the face has lost volume, it is also used in breast reconstruction to give the contour finish to reconstructed breasts, and lately it has been described as an excellent technique for rejuvenation. of the hands, since in addition to giving volume to them and filling the furrows that aging produces, the stem cells released from the fat produce a rejuvenation of the same skin of the hands, producing very favorable and long-lasting results. To ask for a date

The use of fat for other cosmetic procedures is still under study but the results so far promise to be very encouraging in the near future.

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