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Hand Rejuvenation… .. 
That does not reveal  Your age 

by Doctor Luis Carlos Moreno

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The different rejuvenation procedures manage to restore the young appearance of the patients, however it was limited since it was not possible to combine facial and body rejuvenation and there were aged, wrinkled hands, with furrows and many visible veins, which betrayed the age of the patient.

Many methods were tried to achieve rejuvenation, from lasers, radiofrequency, hyaluronic acid fillers or calcium hydroxyapatite, but none really caused a true rejuvenation of the hands.


The aging of the hands is presented by loss of volume of the soft tissues of the same, observing deep grooves between the tendons of the back of the hand and revealing the veins of the same. In addition, there is a thinning and fine wrinkles in the skin of the hands due to the decrease in collagen in the skin, which together produces an aging hand.

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With the advent of injecting fat into other parts of the body,  It was observed that a large percentage of the fat that was injected was destroyed, transforming into liquid fat which was progressively reabsorbed by the body. However, it was found that potential multiple stem cells emerged from this destroyed fat, which could be transformed into any type of body cell through the process of differentiation. It began to be observed that where the fat was injected, there was not only an increase in volume, but there were also changes in the texture and turgor of the skin in the area.  Later it was discovered that these stem cells, derived from fat, were responsible for changes in the quality and texture of the skin.

With this in mind, we proceeded to try to rejuvenate the hands by injecting fat that is obtained  of the patient's body, being able to be from the abdominal area, the inner part of the thighs, the flank area, fat that once obtained, is prepared and injected using the micro tunneling technique, injecting the entire back of the Even hands and fingers, in volumes high enough for stem cells to be produced, which produce on the skin on the back of the hands a production of new collagen, which is responsible for the rejuvenating changes of the skin. This meant that the aging changes of the hands could be corrected with a high degree of satisfaction, becoming today the only really effective method to achieve the rejuvenation of the hands.


However, it is a procedure that requires knowledge of the anatomy of the hand by the professional who performs it,  so as not to cause damage that causes disorders of the functionality of the hand or circulatory problems of the same with the damage that these complications can cause. For this reason, my recommendation is that, if you are interested in undergoing a fat lipoinjection of the hands for rejuvenation purposes, consult a Plastic Surgeon, the only Specialist who is properly trained in performing these procedures.  So, finally, it has been possible to obtain a rejuvenation of the hands by means of the fat Lipoinjection in them.

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