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Lipo Escultura por el Doctor Luis Carlos Moreno

Lipo Sculpture

Liposculpture is the term used to describe the remodeling of fat around the body to obtain a well-shaped and outlined body.

Liposculpture can be performed using different techniques.  

The one used by conventional liposuction, which consists of the removal of fat through the use of hollow cannulas of various calibers, which are connected to a machine with high suction power.


The fat is literally torn off by the cannula and this fat can be reused to inject in another part of the body where it is required to give more volume.  The only drawback is that it is only indicated in patients with good skin quality and who do not have significant flaccidity.

Other methods to perform a liposculpture is through the use of equipment that uses energy to remove fat.  The characteristic of the use of energy for liposculpture is that the fat is selectively treated, not causing rupture of the collagen and elastic fibers of the subcutaneous ... 

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The two types of energy used are Ultrasound and Laser.  The difference is how each type of energy affects or destroys fat.  The laser generates heat and selectively melts the fat cell. This technique requires adequate temperature control so as not to cause burns.  The fat obtained with the laser or lipolaser cannot be used for lipoinjection.  


Ultrasound produces a phenomenon known as cavitation in fat, where the fat cell is destroyed, generating little temperature. This type of energy allows to treat or remove more amount of fat since temperature is not a limiting factor. There are several teams of  Ultrasound, the classic or unidirectional ultrasound, and the Vaser equipment that has the peculiarity of being able to disperse the energy through rings, which allows treating a larger area with the same energy dose.  With ultrasound, viable fat can be obtained to be grafted in another area of the body ..... you can request your appointment online by entering here 

In short, liposculpture is the remodeling of the fat component of the body, removing fat from some areas, injecting fat in others, in order to shape an aesthetically beautiful body.  The use of equipment that generates energy requires a learning curve, so its use should only be by suitable personnel duly trained to use it .... Complete the appointment form here

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