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Post Breast Reconstruction


In patients who must undergo removal of one of their breasts for Breast Cancer, breast reconstruction is essential to maintain the shape of the woman's body and thus avoid the depression they feel when one of their breasts is mutilated. Reconstruction can preferably be done immediately after breast removal, but it can also be done late, after the patient has finished her cancer treatments.

Reconstruction can be performed using tissues from the patient's own body such as the lower abdomen, known as TRAM flap, or tissue from the tiny latissimus dorsi of the back. Another form of Reconstruction consists of the use of special breast implants for this purpose, sometimes preceded by tissue expanders as a previous way of stretching the skin, or the use of expander implants that perform both functions at the same time.

Doctor Luis Carlos Moreno, Reconstrucción Mamaria Post Mastectomía

Today breast cancer surgery tends to be more conservative in terms of the tissue it preserves, which makes breast reconstruction, whether immediate or delayed, obtain much better quality results with less aggressive procedures.

There are techniques where the skin is concentrated, even where all the skin is preserved, plus the areola and nipple, unlike previous techniques where a complete mastectomy that included skin, areola and nipple was performed. Everything will depend on the type of cancer, the location, the degree of advancement of the disease, conservative techniques can be performed where more favorable aesthetic results can be obtained.

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Reconstrucción Mamaria post Mastectomía por el Dotor Luis C. Moreno

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