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Aumento de Glúteos por el doctor Luis Carlos Moreno

Increasing of buttocks

The gluteal contour can be improved by giving it more volume or more roundness depending on the case. 

The gluteal contour can be improved by giving it more volume or more roundness depending on the case. This can be achieved by fat autografts if the required volume is not large or by gluteal implants, if the volume that needs to be added is more important.

The gluteal augmentation  The most performed is where the patient's own fat is used to graft it on the buttocks, increase the volume and give the shape.


The gluteal contour is not only subordinated to the gluteus itself, but in many cases the gluteal framework that includes the hips, the regions of the holsters must be treated together to improve the definition of the buttock in this treatment a procedure of  liposuction, which can be a  conventional liposuction  or it can be a  vaser liposuction  and the fat obtained in this procedure is processed, through a cleaning and singing procedure, and then the viable fat is taken and injected into the gluteal area in order to complement the entire contour of the buttock, giving it projection and an adequate shape. .

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Buttock Augmentation with Implant 

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  In the gluteal augmentation procedure using implants, it is indicated in patients who require a high volume in the buttock, who are thin, and do not have enough fat to perform an augmentation contour with fat, so there the choice is to use a implant.


There are different buttock implant models and different techniques for implant placement.

The most widely used is the technique where the implant is placed intramuscularly, that is, in a pocket that is manufactured within the gluteus maximus.

This technique leaves buttocks with a very natural shape without the complications of placing an implant either very superficial in the subcutaneous plane or very deep below the gluteus maximus where it can cause nerve compressions.


The use of gluteal implants works similarly  to a breast augmentation, but it does require a much longer recovery period and greater care, because the complications inherent to the procedure are slightly greater than a breast augmentation. However, it is a very safe procedure that can be performed with a low incidence of complications. 

Gluteal Lipo Injection


Gluteal lipoinjection is a risky procedure if it is not carried out in the proper hands, in the buttock injections can be made in the subcutaneous plane and in the intramuscular plane of the gluteus maximus, however if by mistake or due to anatomical ignorance it is injected fat below muscle  greater than is where all the venous and arterial vessels are ...

... you can run the risk of injuring one of these vascular structures and causing a fat embolism that can even lead to death if it goes to the lungs, that is why this procedure is unique and exclusive to the plastic surgeon and has to be made in expert hands to avoid these complications.


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