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Welcome, you are in Treatment and Surgery of Burns
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Treatment and Surgery

of the Burned

Treatment of the patient with burns is exclusive to the Plastic Surgeon. Burns can be of varying degrees and complexity. In simple cases, only the participation of the Plastic Surgeon is needed. In cases of extensive and serious burns, the participation of a multidisciplinary team is required, which includes the Plastic Surgeon, the Intensivist, the Physiotherapist and other medical disciplines according to the medical history of the patient.

The most important thing in the great burned patient is the treatment of its acute phase, since this is what will guarantee the life of the patient. Concomitantly local treatment of burns, with cleanings and debridements, skin autografts in deep burns, the use of flaps, and adequate physical and scar rehabilitation, is what will provide the best final result to the patient.

Doctor Luis Carlos Moreno, Tratamiento y Cirugía del Quemado

Perhaps in few patients such as burn patients it can be said that the first minutes and hours are decisive in defining the evolution of the pathology in the future. Suffice it to say that an inadequate hydration plan can cause the lesions to deepen, or determine in the future a greater risk of bacterial colonization and, therefore, infection.


In the same way, we could affirm that the current trend (ideal, of course) is that burn shock never occurs, but that adequate hydrosaline replacement and compensation treatment avoid its manifestations, at least flowery, during the first 48 to 72 hours of evolution.

For all this, it is necessary to emphasize the care guidelines, not from admission to the general or first-instance hospital, but from the very moment in which the pre-hospital care of the patient who has suffered a burn accident is required.

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