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Post Bariatric Body Contour Surgery

In patients who suffer from obesity and who undergo bariatric surgery to lose weight, when they lose a large amount of weight, they are left with a lot of skin surplus that accumulates in different body parts such as arms, face, abdomen, breasts, thighs, buttocks , etc. These patients require, after completing their weight reduction, various treatments that in principle are considered cosmetic, but in those cases can be classified as Reconstructive Surgery, since they are sequelae of the disease known as morbid obesity.

Different surgical procedures are performed depending on the resulting deformities, among which we can mention the Body Lift, Thigh Lift, Arm Lift, Mastopexy or resection of the skin surplus of the breasts, Face Lifts and others. They can be performed alone or in combination with Liposculpture procedures.

Cirugía del Contorno Corporal Post Bariátrica, doctor Luis Carlos Moreno

These treatments are performed at different surgical times, which are established after a thorough evaluation of your particular medical condition, and its resulting sequelae, an evaluation made by an Appropriate Plastic Surgeon. These surgical treatments are performed by your Plastic Surgeon, following the planning made in your initial evaluation.

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cirugía reconstructiva
Recontructiva Ulceras
Reconstructiva Quemaduras
Reconstructiva Post Bariatrica
Reconstructiva Manos
Reconstructiva Mamaria
Reconstructiva Malformaciones
Reconstructiva Facial
Reconstructiva Cancer
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Cirugía del Contorno Corporal Post Bariátrica
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