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We live in an age in which we must be meticulous when selecting a medical professional and consenting to a procedure or treatment.

Global migratory flows, adding the existing economic crises, have achieved their butterfly effect, this affects the quality of everything and in all orders, but without a doubt the one that affects the most is the quality of health services and especially the aesthetic and cosmetic sector.

It is part of the care of our life to be informed about what should be done and how we should do it. Although the network exposes us, it also informs us and what was previously unattainable today is a reality and this is information in a necessary and accurate time.

Doctor Luis Carlos Moreno Águila

¿Sufres de Migrañas Crónicas?, Doctor Luis Carlos Moreno

Migraine  It is characterized by presenting a prodromal phase that may or may not have auras before the headache phase itself begins, and ends with a resolution phase that patients perceive with varied symptoms ... Continue

Rejuvenecimiento de Manos, Doctor Luis Carlos Moreno

Aging of the hands is presented by loss of volume of the soft tissues of the same, observing deep grooves between the tendons of the back of the hand and revealing the veins of the same ..... Continue

Rellenos Faciales para el Rejuvenecimiento Facial

One of the changes produced by facial aging is the loss of volume in the area around the eyes, on the cheeks, in the temple area, with the consequent formation of grooves on the cheeks,  known as nasolabial folds ... Continue

Raro Tipo de Cáncer, Asociado a la Capsula de Implantes 

The FDA published a safety communication in 2011 that was updated in 2016, warning that women with breast implants may be at risk,  although very low, of presenting an Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (ALCL for its acronym in English.), a rare disease ... Continue

Botox: Cuando Las Amigas lo aplican barato, sin ser médico

It is a neurotoxic protein (which damages the nerves of muscles) which is produced by the bacterium known as Clostridium botulinum, a bacterium which causes the disease known as botulism .... Continue

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