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Doctor Luis Carlos Moreno, habla de Malformaciones Faciales

Reconstruction of Facial Malformations

The treatment of congenital facial malformations is complex and usually requires management by a multidisciplinary team that includes Plastic Surgeons, Neurosurgeons, Otolaryngologists, Pediatricians, Speech Therapists, Dentists and Facial Prosthetics. Each specialist participates according to the deformity being treated, the Plastic Surgeon always being the head of the team. Different surgeries and treatments are usually required that are scheduled according to the age and development of the patient. This patient must be first evaluated by the Plastic Surgeon , who will schedule the treatment and the different phases and referrals for evaluation and management by other specialists from the multidisciplinary team.

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Doctor Luis Carlos Moreno, sobre Malformaciones Faciales
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Cleft palate and cleft lip are  congenital defects . It occurs when the upper lip and palate do not develop properly. This happens in the first months of pregnancy. A baby may have a cleft palate or a cleft lip, or both.

Cleft lip occurs when the tissue that makes up the palate and upper lip does not come together before birth. This causes an opening in the upper lip. This opening can be small or it can be a large one that runs from the lip to the nose. It can be on one side or the other of the lip, or less frequently, in the middle of the lip.

Some children with a cleft lip may have a cleft palate. This happens when the tissue that makes up the palate does not join properly. Some babies may have these clefts on the front or back of the roof of the mouth. Others only have a cleft palate.

Children with this condition may have trouble eating or speaking. They may also have ear infections, hearing loss, and problems with their teeth.

Surgery can often close the lip and palate. Cleft lip surgery is usually done before 12 months of age. Cleft palate surgery is done before 18 months.

Many children can have other complications. They may need other surgeries, dental and orthodontic care, and speech therapy when they grow up.

With treatment, most children with orofacial clefts do well and live healthy lives.

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